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Once upon a time..

Once upon a time, a girl from New York ventured off to a far away land known as California.

Not long after she arrived, she met a dashing gentleman. While the two were from very different worlds, they couldn't help but find common ground in their love for adventures.

The dashing gentleman and the girl from New York  fell deeply in love and started their family, which continues to grow to this day.

Now, the two have set out on a new kind of adventure. One that allows them to channel their love for family and fun into something that other families can enjoy together. This is how Jolli Publishing was born. 

With some creativity, a vivid imagination, and a little bit of skill, The Jolli Family has made it their mission to share their original stories, leaving you laughing, loving, and learning, for years to come.

We do hope that you enjoy reading our stories, just as much as we've enjoyed creating them.


The Jolli Family


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