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Scoopa da Poopa

Published by : Jolli Publishing

Illustrated by : Adriana Predoi


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Join Coop, his dog, Snoop, and his grandmother, Nonni-Boop, in their hilarious discussion about the importance of responsibility when it comes to cleaning up after your pets. 

This average day of play serves as the perfect lesson plan for Nonni as she persistently explains why Coop should be cleaning up after Snoop, and the repercussions of not taking care of his mess, from tracking poop into the house to attracting pests from the stench.

This adorable children's story sheds light on some of the most common issues found when it comes to our furry friends. 

You’re going to love the hilarious and relatable banter between Coop and his grandmother Nonni!

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Scoopa Da Poopa Book (FINAL).jpg


Published by : Jolli Publishing

Illustrated by : Adriana Predoi

Jolli Publishing Childrens Original Stories

Join Chip & Ginger, brother and sister, who set out on a journey  to create the perfect banana bread.

With the help of some friends, Chip & Ginger are able to put their famous bread to the sweet tooth test in this adorable adventure.

This adorable story reminds us about how helpful new (and old) friends can be! 

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